Why you need video to market your brand

Why you want video to market your brand

Why you absolutely want video to market your brand

Video is king in content marketing. Think about it – if a picture is worth 1000 words, how many words would a video be?

Well according to Dr. James McQuivey, an estimated 1.8 million words – per minute.

But video is more than just tallying proverbial words. So why do you absolutely need video to succeed in today’s market?

Because video can boost sales, increase website traffic, and convince potential customers to buy in.

But most importantly, video builds brand awareness and trust.

So what’s the point of content marketing?

Many people might think of selling a product or service when they hear “content marketing”. But content marketing is actually about building trust with consumers, which is what ultimately leads to sales.

Trust strengthens brands’ fan base and leads to lifelong customers. Trust enables first-time buyers to opt to purchase from your business over competitors. And an enormous part of building this trust can be done through video.

How do we know this? Data, of course! Not only can we observe how long people watch a video before, but we can also analyze actions taken following.

Five Ways We Know Video Is King

(1) After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. And 90% of users say watching a video about a product helps in their decision-making process.

(2) Even if video alone does not convince someone to purchase from you, 80% of of those viewers will be able to recall your video ad within 30 days. That’s incredible, especially if you’re relatively small or new to the market and working to build brand awareness.

(3) You can increase conversions by 80% by having a video on your landing page. If you ensure that video is entertaining, purchase intent goes up 97% and brand association by 139%.

(4) Google loves video. You’re 53% more likely to show up first in search results with embedded video on your site.

(5) And if you are running email campaigns, video boosts click-through rates by up to 300%!

Data aside…

Quigley Feeds NZ Company Video

….you’re clearly going to want to include video in your marketing strategy. It’s a fun way to show off your brand and share your messaging. However, not every type of video does the job.

Videos need to be wildly engaging – from music to editing techniques, to those final touches that add a professional polished look. People will tune out within the first 10 seconds if a video is not engaging enough. Even if you hook viewers, they will stop watching within the two minute mark.

The above video is a promotional piece I put together for a new business in the agricultural industry. See what I mean about engaging?

Like many aspects that make up a business, video is considered an investment. If you can put forward the money to have someone produce a video for your business, product or campaign, you will most likely see a good return on investment (like the 83% of businesses who report such an outcome).

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