What exactly does content creation mean?

Content comes in many forms. There’s visual and audio content, social media content and written content – all of which help to build brand awareness, target a market and engage an audience.

The digital world for business is to put out content to capture leads and sales. It’s about quality, not quantity.

There is an art in designing the write look and feel. Everything from the visual aspect to the language used will affect how a piece of content is received.


Video is arguably the most powerful tool to engage an online audience. It boosts sales, builds trust, and increases website traffic.

Video content can range from promotional videos and YouTube videos to one-minute social videos and 30-second video ads.

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Written Copy Content

As a trained broadcast journalist, I know how to weave together words to tell a story while keeping readers engaged. I have experience in writing media releases, newsletters, blogs, articles, and website content.

Each project is different and requires a different style, voice and tone.

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Social Media Content

Social media content is a collection of curated visual pieces combined with written content designed to speak to a specific audience of a certain social media platform.

An audience using Instagram will be looking for a different form of content and engaging with a different style of language than those on Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Twitter.

The key to building brand awareness, creating super fans and cultivating a thriving social media presence all comes down to content – good, creative, engaging content.

People go on social media to be social, to be entertained or to find something of value that speaks to them. And businesses need to get crafty with how they speak to their audience, or risk them disengaging.

Social media content creation is all about weaving together your brand with content types strategically chosen or created to attract an online audience. This can include photos, infographics, branded and repurposed imagery, interactive posts such as posts and quizzes and involve the right wording when sharing an article and posting relevant hashtags.

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Repurposed Photos

Imagery will largely be what you’re posting on social media, sharing in newsletters and updating on your website. They need to be compelling and on brand.

Sharing any old pretty picture is not going to get the job done. Incorporate your brand colours and add a splash of your brand’s style to make repurposed photos your own!

Either re-edit a stock of photos you have or touch up newly discovered ones and impress the masses.

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